Monday, October 27, 2008


I hope everyone had a great weekend.Mine was mainly uneventful which in my book means great!
This week is gift wrapping week for me.I bought gifts for everyone throughout the year and now I am done.Well,except for my husband...I havent started on his as yet!He is a pain to buy for.
This weekend, the kids will be staying with us and it is the week we(stepdaughter and I) put up our Christmas tree.She puts a lot of thought into it.It may be a Harley Davidson tree again as dad had a rough year !We dont usually repeat themes but its for a good cause!
Hubby has predicted a big to-do in the political world.
Any predictions ?


Pat Jenkins said...

that is right i forgot you put up your tree before halloween. what is on the poo wish list for this year?

dons_mind said...

must be nice :) only 58 shopping days left til Christmas ya know....

you going to post some pics of your decorations like last year? you always do such a fine job of it...

BusyBeeSuz said...

I am dreading Christmas shopping. It seems my list gets bigger and bigger each year. Makes me a cranky girl.
I don't like to be cranky.
Not sure what is going on politically...does your hubby have a magic 8 ball????

Anonymous said...

Hi, nice to meet you, I just read your beautiful blog, I found you from your post at Throwing Stone's blog

Best of luck

Frasypoo said...

Mr P,
I told hubby that i did not want much this year.Two things that I want was a pair of Under Armor running shoes and there is a designer that I always admired growing up,her clothes are now at walmart so thats about 30-40 bucks there!
He should thank God for a "cheap" wife like me !he in return wants a Harley springer and another pair of Maui jims !He can keep dreaming!
I definitely will post pics and thank you for the compliment
The older kids get the longer and more expensive the lists become !
No 8 ball here !But he is a great predictor of the future
the saint,
Nice to meet you.Thanks for dropping by

Jen said...

Hi Frasypoo-
You are behind, Walmart has had their trees up ages ago!! Today they are slashing the prices on Halloween candy..and making way for Easter Baskets.
As far as politics.. someone has a lot to do to win this thing!

Incognito said...

heh.. forgot that too.

I keep waiting for the October suprise.. hoping there is one and that's why Obama is trying to get everyone to vote early.. but..
maybe it's a November suprise and somehow God is going to swing it that McCain wins!

M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

...can't put up the tree here until after the boy's birthday Nov. 19...and no, I don't do marathons anymore...only 1/2's! Bummer that you didn't get a picture...but you did get your t-shirt and key chain from Nike right?

WomanHonorThyself said...

woo Frass youre early!..good on u!

AI said...

We'll I must say you are organized. I was drawn to the comment "Mine was mainly uneventful which in my book means great". I see your point

Uneventful in family terms means meaningful.

The meaningful humdrum activities are important and bring the most important institution of all together in harmony – family. Sometimes the mundane, the simple and, as you say, uneventful activities, are the most important.

Warm regards to you and all those that matter in your life....

Monday through Sunday said...

I am so impressed with you!!!! I haven't even started shopping..ugh!

Pat Jenkins said...

i didn't think under armour made ANYTHING under 40 dollars let alone shoes!!!

Susannah said...

Oh my, a Christmas tree already? Wow. We're not even sure what Halloween costumes we're doing yet... I wish somebody did have an 8 ball on the election. I voted today, early voting in NC. I prayed off & on the whole time I was in line. Lord, just please cover our nation...give us your mercy.