Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Indians for McCain

Just recently a friend told me about this group-Indians for McCain.Since there are very few Indian Republicans in the US,I was wondering what brought us together.

They had a neat comparison chart on their website.Interestingly enough they have very strong, solid points.
Two main points I want to bring up here is :
Obama wants to raise taxes on any business you do with India.
McCain endorses the US-India Civil Nuclear Deal .Obama has remained silent on that issue

I also learnt something new. McCain and his wife have been to India many times.

The average Indian living here and who has registered to vote is a Democrat and no one knows why they are a Democrat.All they can come up with is that Republicans favor rich ,white people tax wise.

I wish I belonged to an Indian organisation just so that I could show them which presidential nominee stands for what and educate a fellow Indian.
But in the meantime I do spread the word back home as my family thinks that McCain is bad and Obama is good! The general concept there is that Americans are racist and would not let a Black man win!

This post would not be complete without mentioning Joe Bidens racist comment "You cannot go into a 7-11 or a Dunkin' Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent.""I am not joking."
And on the other hand Sarah Palin appointed an Indian,Anand Dubey as Director of Information Technology


Pat Jenkins said...

like i have said before poo i think the "indian coalition" in this country should become more vocal because i do believe your homeland is going to be very vital to america in the years to come.... indians for mccain huh. just wait till jindal (is there an h in there?) runs, you fine indians will be going nuts!! he he!!

Suz said...

Very interesting...I did not know of the Indian/Democrat demo.
The race thing...well that just kills me.
So tired of it.

Frasypoo said...

Mr P
You know I will!!There will be talk of curry in the White House to drive me nuts!
I know what you mean !!!

Monday through Sunday said...

I love India! I had a chance to go in '94 to lead a team of kids to do some work with a local church..it didn't work out..but wish more than anything I had gone!! Maybe one day!

Vintage Bunny said...

I will invite you the next time I go...

Incognito said...

the irony of it all, is that some of the worst racists are democrats!

And most of the blacks (and white's for that matter) don't realize that Martin Luther King was a Republican.

mccainpalin said...

I would love to see Bobby Jindal run in 2012, if Obama is elected in November then a Jindal vs Obama race in 2012 would be very interesting.

Anonymous said...

I don’t know about Indians Fraziepoo, but I was jsut talking to someone yesterday that just came back form Spain and he told me that people there were asking him for an Obama Tee-shirt.
Ya know, this presidential election is by far the most important one in our history. In that we are living in a dangerous world. Even that nut case VP choice of his Joe Biden said that our enemies will seize on each window of opportunity to gain a foothold, to gain an opening in our defense..and they are just waiting for our mistake. They are patient. Knowing that, the United states cannot entertain the election of a man who has absolutely no experience and is not qualified to be President. We cannot afford a president in training. Unfourtinitly people are wearing Obama blinders

Obama offers some unbelievable fantasy. Obama cannot deliver all that he promises. If he could, we would become a Communist Nation. Obama cannot pay off peoples' mortgages...Obama cannot fulfill the promises he makes because it would tax ALL of us to the brink. And more importantly, Obama surrounds himself with unsavory people..thugs if you will. Not to mention those with terrorist connections. If you ask yourself one question, Would you be friends with people you did not share such passionate beliefs with? Would you surround yourself with ideas that are contrary to a peaceful society? Obama shared a church with anti white, anti Americans for twenty years. It is really a no brainier.

MyKidsMom said...

Keep spreading the Truth Frasy; very interesting about the Indian people being mostly democrats, I wouldn't have guessed that.

You have some very interesting comments here. Throwing stones put it all so well; WHY won't people listen to bare facts like that? I fear the foreign effect more than anything. When crooked foreign leaders are praising a candidate, that should be a definite sign that something is wrong!! But it seems to be all about the economy. By the time people realize their mistake, it'll be too late.

Anonymous said...

I encourage you and your readers to please read the letter that I have posted today on my blog. And if you find it as important as I did, please pass it around.
Thank you

ExPreacherMan said...


Indian, huh? Great!

A good friend with whom I attended Bible College heads up a seminary, The Solid Rock Theological Seminary located in Trivandrum the capital of the State of Kerala.

He is Dr. Ron Seecharan, native of India ... a great guy and a wonderful soulwinner for the Lord.

He is no liberal!!!

Visit their web site.

Another friend with a large Gospel ministry in Chicago goes over every year to support the Seminary, Dr.Jim Scudder, another Bible College schoolmate of mine.

They know India is important to the Lord.

In Christ eternally,


Rajan Vaish said...

Nice post Frasy,I heard that statement by Biden when he said that.In one of my post on Harmeet Dhillon (Indian American for CA State Assembly ),I have also raised the issue of Indians blindly voting for Democrats without even knowing anything about their candidates.
Thanks for blog rolling me.!

M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

Soooo, did you finish your 13.1 miles? I ran the non-virtual S.F. Women's Nike this Sunday....and beat my time from 2 weeks previous by 5 mintues...and this run had hills! What was your time? I got a finisher shirt and a Tiffany necklace :) You'll love yours :)

I didn't know you were Indian. I teach many children from India in my kindergarten class....smart kids...and I love the food :) I didn't know they were democrats though...and I cannot talk polotics at work...against my union rules :(

WomanHonorThyself said...

nice idea Frass!

Pepper said...

The abuse being thrown at Sarah Palin is beyound compare. I've never seen such dirt thrown at a Candidate before in my life. Are thet that scared of her? It can't be only because she's a women!!
With what they're throwing at Sarah, and the grace with which she takes it and keeps her chin up, I don't think I've ever seen anyone more courageous. She is one special lady. I can't help but wonder how many of these women that have such a deep resentment of Sarah Palin had abortions in their past and Sarah brings this unpleasant memory to the surface and puts them under conviction. I wish that I could say this more skillfully, but Ayers may not be the only unrepentant American.

Freedomnow said...

McCain's adopted daughter is Bangladeshi. Of course that is not Indian, but she is from the Indian subcontinent and it proves that McCain is not racist.

Frasypoo said...

I think someone put up a billboard announcing the fact.You would think people would wise up.

mccain palin,
I wish he would
That would be one time where republicans would not be accused of racism

It feels like Biden would shut up till the elections were over but he helps us out!

I cant wait till the election is over,I want to know the results.

Erics eyes
Very potent stuff.

will definitely check out the website

Thanks for stopping by

I wish I could implement it!By talking to other Indians

Thanks for stopping by.I have always felt the same way about the abortions and the way people feel about sarah Palin.women hate her with a passion.My husband says that it is because she is "hot!

Freedom now,
You would think that people would back off the fact that McCain is not racist proven by his daughter.
The only ones shouting racism is people like Wright,John Lewis etc

David Wyatt said...

God Bless you, Frasypoo! I am glad to know you. Are you familiar with Dr. Ravi Zacharias? He is an awesome Bible teacher! rzim.org

Z said...

I, too, wish you could jump into every American Indian group in this country and enlighten them! WE NEED YOU!!

I'm drafting you, Frasypoo!!

Great to see you writing (and running)! Glad you're back! xxx am thinking of getting into running..been feeling the urge. I'd better sit down till the feeling passes, huH!!!?

Satyavati devi dasi said...


America IS racist.

Not ALL of America, but a significant proportion.

I've been discriminated against. Have you?

Regardless of what we like to think, we continue to be a nation that harbours many ignorant, racist, xenophobic people, who fear change and who would NEVER, EVER, vote for a black man for president simply on the grounds that he's black.

People have said it. I've heard it.

I'm sorry.

The Lounge Lizard said...

I am not political .......also not racist.

Just enjoy reading all the pros and cons.

This US election is probably going to be the most interesting in history.

A Friend.

Frasypoo said...

Satyavati devi dasi,
Thanks for stopping by.Yes racism is rampant everywhere.I am in a strange situation on that I am Indian married to a white man and most often I am discriminated against especially when I am by myself and not by a white person but almost always by a black person.I used to think that I was imagining it till other Indian/Hispanic friends shared the same discrimination
So you never know who dislikes you based on color
Interesting topic for another post too!

Anonymous said...

Frankly, I am very tired of the Republican rhetoric propagated by the McCain/Palin duo about how Obama's economic plan is a socialist plan that supposedly will negatively impact the Joe the Plumbers of our country, the $250K and more group (the wealthy). First, let's check out the real facts (see factcheck.org). According to the U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy as of 2006, there were an estimated 26.8 million small business owners, and that accounted for about 20 million "nonemployer" businesses (have no employees). So, only about 6 million actually had a payroll, a far cry from the 23 million the McCain/Palin duo keeps talking about. Also, on factcheck.org, that small group may not be impacted and actually not pay any taxes because under Obama's economic plan according to his economic policy director Jason Furman, Obama's plan would return the top two federal income-tax rates to what they were eight years ago, before Bush lowered them and would adjust the income-tax brackets to ensure that no married couple making under $250,000 or single filer making under $200,000 would pay the top rates. Further, the average income for small business owners is $233,600, so sounds like the Obama/Biden team is really looking out for Joe the Plumber and definitely for you and me.
Secondly, this leads me to ask the question, then who are the McCain/Palin duo really considering, those whose earnings are over $250k and more (the wealthy) and why is that duo not considering Joe/Josephine the Consumer too? In case they don't know who they are or care about them, they're the average Joe Blows the Obama/Biden team are fighting for, those who make less than $250K. The McCain/Palin duo wants to paint the picture that wealthy people or the Joe the Plumbers are going to be taxed higher and Obama/Biden want to spread the wealth. Well, let's look at that. How do the wealthy become wealthy? Let's see, they start a business and I guess they just become wealthy by doing just that saying they have a business and register the business name and VOILA!, their wealthy. But, we all know that's not quite how it goes. Business owners or small businesses come up with an idea to market or sell their goods and services to you and me, Joe/Josephine the Consumer. We buy Joe the Plumbers computers, food, furniture, clothes, toys, oil and gas, autos, alarm systems, banking and financial services, homes, apartments, refrigerators, other household goods, cable, cell phones, exercise equipment, medical, etc., shop at their retail stores, buy their brand name (their name) eat at their restaurants and fast food chains, and are fans of their movies, TV shows, sports, and other entertainment media and buy televisions, stereo systems, home theater systems, big screen televisions and now HDTVs to watch them on making those business owners wealthy, wealthier, and wealthier-r-r. Now, I'm not knocking any of these entrepreneurs because we all need each other, but I think we need to realize that Joe/Josephine the Consumer (you and me) are the driving force for our economy and the team who is looking out for you and me, Joe/Josephine the Consumer is the Obama/Biden team. The other thing too, won't those wealthy entrepreneurs get some of those taxes back if not all of it. When Joe/Josephine the Consumer gets that tax refund that Obama/Biden are pushing for, what do you think they are going to do with it. If I can borrow a phrase that Gov. Palin might say, betcha by golly, they will most likely turnaround and put that refund back into the economy (a stimulating boost) buying more goods and services keeping Joe the Plumber wealthy, wealthier, and wealthier-r-r. I think that's a win-win situation for everybody. As long as Joe/Josephine the Consumer buys, we keep Joe the Plumber's business doors open to keep us gainfully employed to buy more goods and services and Joe the Plumber makes more profits to invest bad or good (and hopefully Joe/Josephine the Consumer won't have to bail them out a second time). One final note, I dare to say that after Joe the Plumber's CPAs and accountants reduce his net profit before taxes down to $250K, surely, they will come up with a $1 loophole to make Joe the Plumbers taxable income no higher than $249,999 so he won't have to pay all those taxes after all, if any. So, thank you Obama/Biden for thinking about us, Joe/Josephine the Consumer, working class America, the middle and lower incomers, also known as the 95%.
Sorry for the long rant.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Biden will never be able to live that stupid comment down, nor should he. He's a gaff a minute!

Anonymous said...

Have a great weekend everyone.
And God Bless America

Freedomnow said...

Is America racist as Dasi says?

Before answer what are the chances of a middle class white person moving to Mugabe's Zimbabwe and not being racially attacked?

Western civilization gave birth to the abolition movement, while slavery has been around since before the Sumerian civilization. We have also given birth to democratic ideals with a focus on human rights unprecedented throughout history.

American racism is more accurately described in the fact that about 90% of American blacks voted for a black politician in the recent primaries and are likely to vote along the same lines on the fourth. So blacks are voting along racial lines by much more dramatic proportions than whites.

Without the support of majority whites Obama couldnt possibly be a contender in this election so Dasi's accusation is a severe misrepresentation.

The attacks by Obama supporters are largely unjustified as they claim to be unfairly portrayed. Sarah Palin has suffered from much worse attacks than Obama. Everything is being distorted out of context by these demagogues.