Thursday, October 30, 2008

Off on a mission

Firstly,Happy Birthday WIXY.Have a wonderful,wonderful year.Heres a cake I would help you eat(sugarfree ,of course)

From now on every week and weekend is filled with something that has to be done.It seems like my calendar is filled up till the New Year.
Tomorrow is the putting-up-the-tree-day and next week I have Jury duty.
I will be at the local courthouse cooped in when all of you are able to see the butterflies flutter around,the roses bloom and watch the grass grow.
Whats the worst part about it?
Its election time.... and the county I live in is 99% Democrat and I cant cheer too loudly when McCain wins for fear of being ostracised!
Doubly worse is the fact that I get claustrophobic in big rooms with people and not much noise,I feel cooped in and get panic attacks,so please pray for me.This will officially be the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.I dont want to make a fool of myself !
I'll see you all in the second week of November and dont forget to change your clocks back.


BusyBeeSuz said...

Busy busy busy.....what a life right???
Busy is a good thing.
Good luck w/ the jury duty. I have made it 41 years with out having to do it...I may have just jinxed myself.
I hope you will be cheering next week, but I am not feeling very optomistic about it this year. So many uninformed voters this time around all voting for ONE person. :)
Sorry to be Debbie Downer.
Take care.

74WIXYgrad said...

The cake looks great! Thank you. You are very thoughtful.

The prayers will go up for you as Mrs74 has problems being in small places with folks she don't know without me. I have an idea about what you will be going through.

MyKidsMom said...

Wow, what a cake! And sugarfree too, huh? lol;)

I live very close to Portland,Oregon. So I totally know what you mean about living in a liberal area. I remember the morning after the last election when Bush/Cheney won. The morning news reporters stopped by several cafes to get people's responses to the election. Would you believe there was not ONE person they talked to that was happy about it? I couldn't believe it, I still think there was something suspicious about the whole thing. I think this area was totally in shock. I could have told them a few things if they had asked... which is probably why they didn't,LoL.

Good luck with the jury duty. I made it to the second round the only time I was called. They dumped me at that point because I was the only person in the room who said they never drink alcohol,lol. I'm not kidding there. It was a driving-while-intoxicated case, and they're right, I would have had a "no tolerance" opinion for that one.

I SO hope you're right about McCAin; I'm crossing my fingers AND praying.

Don't stay away too long:)

Monday through Sunday said...

I hope the jury duty experience is a good one. May make you proud of our justice system...I hope!!

Go Palin and the old guy!! :)

Great looking cake! Hard to believe that it is real!!

Pat Jenkins said...

i love your running tally widget!! keep it up... i saw bravo has a show called the housewives of atlanta i think. kind of surprised not to see you on it!!.... whatever the case is i say hang 'em!!.. and lastly get that tree done by saturday, i don't want you to miss any of that georgia-florida game!!

Anonymous said...

Take care and do the right thing..

Frasypoo said...

I have a good feeling!
WIXY is diabetic hence the sugarfree part
Have a good feeling about the old guy and the hot chick!
Mr P,
The widget is supposedly me!I created it!Thats how I dress to run and the hair and eyes are all like me.I do watch the real housewives series.Somewhat addicted to it though they are so plastic ,its funny
Throwing Stones
Thanks !

Incognito said...

ostracized, i'd be afraid you'd be beaten up.. though am getting more balshy these days, as we get closer, am more open, other than around my colleagues.

Did talk to an actor friend and admitted I was voting for McCain, but he had already told me he didn't like either candidate.. so figured it was safe.. :-)

ExPreacherMan said...


I live just South of ultra liberal Sodom and Gomorrah (Miami FL) and last time I was called for Jury -- back when I was young and healthy enough to serve, I was a member of an anti- liberal lawyer group.

I told them. That and the fact I was in favor of the death penalty for those who deserve it clinched it.

I was released immediately.

Go do your duty, we'll see that Palin is elected.

In Christ eternally,


AI said...

One step, one thing at a time, what else one do, no matter how busy. Above all stay well, for the sake of those that love you...

Big day for America tomorrow!