Monday, March 30, 2009

A crazy world

Has the world gone crazy or is it just me
Lately I have been looking around me and at the news wondering what on earth is happening?Its in everything and everywhere.
I wont even start with the political part as thats beyond crazy.
I sometimes feel like digging a hole and jumping into it and never coming out.
Surely its time for the end of the world ,right?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My race

I had a great time preparing and running my race.I can check off a half marathon of my to do before I turn 40 list !
Now that its done and behind me I plan on doing a marathon..maybe in November or March.Waiting for my body to recover and then I will start training for the next one.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Church

My church has a new pastor and he has a differant way of working.I try to give him a chance and end up praying every Sunday morning that God will give me a sweet spirit and take away my judgemental one and help my mind not to stray away during the message.
I thought it was only me until I realised that a lot of older people felt the same way.And we all feel guilty about it so that means we are trying !
But its hard to concentrate when he talks.My husband does not attend church anymore just the Bible Study that follows which he enjoys.I know thats not right for us not to attend together and I love my church a lot.I would hate to change churches.But if my soul does not get a feeding than the rest of me withers and dies.Weight wise i would welcome that but not spiritually.
Selfishly I will pray for the pastor that his preaching will get to me.Or that my mind will not wander

On a differant topic,I will be away in sunny Florida for a few days.Floridians please keep the weather at 60 when I run my race and at 75 degrees when my husband and i ride the bike at Daytona Bike Week