Thursday, November 27, 2008

Cross posting from my post on Red County-Terrorism in Mumbai

As we celebrate Thanksgiving today,India mourns the loss of many,many human lives.
There has been an escalation in violent terroristic acts there,though none as bad as what's going on there today.
I sometimes wonder...... why India?
Is it because India is an ally of the US? Or because India is enemies with Pakistan?
Pakistan has said(warned) that India should not lay the blame on them. When I heard that on NPR,I huffed and puffed a lot(mainly because there is not much else I can do about it). I find it hard to believe that there is no connection there.
I have had calls from friends all day,wondering how my family is doing and even though they dont live close to Mumbai,it is still a tragedy. A senseless waste of human lives.
It was reported that they have arrested some of them and my husband was asking me if they would be subject to trial like the court system here.We dont have a jury system in India but yes they will be tried in court and heres where I have a problem with will take a very long time to mete out justice.I believe in a speedy trial and off they go to meet their maker.
My husband also asked me why the Taj and Oberoi hotels were targeted.These hotels are usually frequented by the rich tourists and heads of companies .The cheapest rooms at the Oberoi cost on average $430.00 to $3000.00 for a suite.Those people knew exactly who they were targetting.
Someone asked me why the airports were not targeted. I traveled home this year and I have to say that the Indian security check at the airport was the strictest and most thorough of all the airports I have travelled through. There were about 6 checks before you get on the flight. 2 of them were by police men(women) actually patting you down.Its hard to get on a flight in India with anything that is even remotely suspect.
It was a sad heartwrenching moment to watch the hotel burning and I just wish this violence would all end

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sunday Faces

I did a post on this a while ago and have to say that it is still a topic that comes to mind every Sunday at church.
I love my church,its large and there are spots for everyone to fill in.I have my niche and I love it.But its the "in crowd" that I hate.
They are the ones who think that they are above all the common folks and attend the trendy "class".Not to improve themselves but to network.
Their kids get picked to sing solos or act the main roles in plays.
I hate the way they ignore newcomers to church.How much does it cost you to say hello to someone you dont know or recognise?
I have a hard time being social but I always try to say hello to anyone I see and there are those who will turn their heads if you dont belong to "the holy grail" and dare say hello to them!
Our adult Sunday school class is gaining in numbers and its because everyone is so friendly and talk to each other and I am grateful for them.
This verse comes to mind....
Blessed are the meek: for they shall posses the land

Sunday, November 16, 2008

An Award

Firstly Thankyou WIXY for this award.

Let them eat cake award

This is an award for being a real blogger with real interesting stuff to post.

So I want to pass it on to good blogging friends

1.Suz:She has a very common sense approach to life.She talks about stuff that happens with a great sense of humor and our husbands like the same woman-Sarah Palin!

2.Incognito:A wonderful actress and a good blogging friend with fantastic political knowledge

3.DD2:A blogger with a passion for our country and its politics-good or bad.He tackles all the current issues and discusses it.He sometimes beats the news in reporting it on his blog !

4.My kids mom:This is a sweet mother of 3,she is a lot like me in her thoughts though I suspect she is sweeter and kinder than I can ever hope to be !

5.Rebecca:She is one of my newest blogging friends.She makes the most wonderful pictures.

To all of my blogging are the encouragement I need to keep on blogging!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Things I love about Fall

It comes before Winter

Time to start knitting scarves(I churn out 2-3 every winter)

Soups and stews and melty cheese on everything

Perfect running temps,Frasier my dog is happy

Monday, November 10, 2008

Of random notes

Hubby and I did our first 5 k together.It was his first race.We were the last 10 people in front of the cop car and the First Aid cart!It was fun though.They had a nice hot breakfast waiting for the runners after the race.Chick fil A biscuits and coffee and fruits and candy.

The tree went up on Halloween,we went for a traditional look

I got a letter,on Friday, from the local court system thanking me for serving my week as a juror.I am wondering if its a new thing or meant for people who do it for the first time.

The Dog(Frasier) stayed up last night eating a ham bone as big as my head.It was a remnant of my druggie neighbour' s dinner.I want to fling it over the fence at his head.But thats not a Christian thing to do or think so I refrain.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Off jury duty

I' m off jury duty today...Got sent home early
Heres why.I was picked to be questioned on a panel of jurors on Monday.It was for a murder trial.Two young boys with shaved heads sat next to their lawyers.Nice suits but evil eyes.
They asked if we knew any of the prosecuters etc.I knew the judge.Hubby cuts his hair,we have gone out to eat Indian food and he sings in the church choir!
I also mentioned that I knew two other judges there and hubbys godfather is running for State attorney.
I also mentioned that hubby has loads of cop friends who I discuss crime and punishment with.Which I do.
They also asked if I watch CSI!Yes,yes,yes every day...3 episodes !
Then they asked if we believed if stuff happens and its due to
1)personal responsibility
Me and the lil old lady next to me raised our hands.The lawyer looked surprised and said it was FATE not faith.
By now I knew he had labelled us as Crazy Baptist women....Which we were,not crazy but Baptist women.
We were not picked and I am grateful for everyone my husband cuts hair for.
I plan on befriending more cops and judges.It gets me out of jury duty
Not to mention the vermin on trial was there on a second offence.
My opinion...straight to the gallows