Saturday, May 23, 2009

Of Vidalia Onions and the like

Mom is leaving next week so I am trying hard to take her to do stuff that we were not able to do so far.
I will be in a deep depression so please pray for me.I am not sure if I remember how to clean etc!

We went to Vidalia last month and had a great time.We got to bring back tons(about 100 lbs each) of Vidalia onions(per person)
We went to an onion sorting/labelling place and was shown how all that was done and the farmer was kind enough to let us burrow thro his reject pile of onions.The grocery store had rejected his truck load of onions because the Texas onions were in the stores and the Vidalia onions were not yet needed.Not a thing wrong with the onions but he could not do anything with them and was going to throw it in the fields and plough it in.
Also visited the Onion festival there,was neat.My favorite part was the Tumi store that is open to the public at this time of year and I got a $495.00 bag for $40 bucks!

One of the tub of onions that we went thro
The labelling machine
An onion field that has been picked...yes,Picked !
The sizer/sorterOne of the smaller onions

My garden is coming along great.My beanplants have flowers and so do the tomatoes.It may have needed more sunshine and is slow on fruitition part!
I put in cabbages too(from Vidalia,30 plants for 3 bucks).Also Cilantro,basil and oregano
The worst part is the bugs around them.Have to keep dusting it and then worry about all that pesticide!
Of course Frasier has done his utmost to stand in the middle of the vegetables and ponder.
In the front yard,the deer ate all the new growth on the apple trees and all my hosta and lilys.
Any takers for some venison?

Will be back after I get over my depression..............