Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Brian Nichols-a warrior for the cause

Excuse me...for I am about to cuss
This *&%&# killed a judge, a court reporter and a sheriff’s deputy and escaped from his rape trial at the Courthouse three years ago.His trial is underway right now.Yes,3 years later.

His defense is that he is insane.....I would agree,you would have to be insane to think you could get away with murdering a few people and kidnapping some more or holding them hostage .

But his story is that
1)he is a soldier for his people and that the people he killed died a noble death.

2)was at war with the United States government and “all of the persons killed were employees of the United States government, there was no collateral damage”

3)He thought that the Judge (Judge Barnes) was the Master. The slave master

Imagine being a juror on that case.

They showed pieces of his interview in jail and he talked about being angry about prisoners not being paid for jobs they did. it parallels significantly the treatment of slaves.”He said: “I felt as though I was a slave with them. As a soldier, I don’t feel like I committed any war crimes.

Seriously ???? Maybe he wants to sit in a Rolls Royce while being transported to court and drink champagne on the way there.

The reporter also mentioned that the only job this %^*# has was making his own bed.

Why do we take so long to prosecute scums like this ?Dont we need a speedy trial and boom,bam off to hell or wherever else people like him belong ?


The Running Girl said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Best of luck to you in your upcoming races, but do make sure your injuries heal. My friend ended up with a stress fracture. Ouch!

Suz said...

I loathe the justice system when I hear of things like this.
Seriously, there should be a fast pass to death row or just death.
my opinion. I don't want to pay taxes to keep a person like that fed, much less all the court time.
An Eye For an Eye.

G said...


Please contact Me at about Georgia Political Daily- I lost your email.


try2bAsunbeam said...

I agree with Suz. Maybe if people had something to be afraid of when they did stuff, they'd think twice about doing it. Gee, I think I'll go rob a bank--worst case senario is that I get caught, get three hots and a cot!! And shoot, I don't even have to attempt that 4 letter word-WORK. Obviously , just kidding :)

YRC--Your husband argues for or against once saved always saved? I got confused...I assume for, if you liked my profile, but sounded like against in the last sentence... *wink*

Pat Jenkins said...
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Pat Jenkins said...

well written poo, and said as well!!!... the indifference to his act, himself having taken lives, by showing little regard of humility, is a troubling thing in a human being!!!

M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

I came over from Running Girl's blog...when is your 1/2? I ran a 1/2 on Sunday...and lived to tell! Good luck...and interesting to find a fellow elephant among the donkeys!