Sunday, October 19, 2008

My weekend-race,polls

I had a half marathon today(Sunday).Its a Nike+women's virtual half marathon.You run with your ipod with a Nike+ sensor and sync it on your computer,the results are uploaded to Nike+ and you can compare results with other runners like you.
My ipod froze at Mile 12.35. .75 miles to Finish.How much worse could it be ?When you restore your ipod,it wipes out the unsaved data which would be my 12.35 miles.So I don't have any data to prove that I ran.You know whats worse?Me sending my ipod to Apple to be checked thoroughly before the race and them not finding any faults.
The Nike+ people said they would consider sending me my finishers kit(a t-shirt and a Tiffany key chain) but that I had to call in a day or two to check back.They said it would be in "good faith".I am grateful to them for being kind as I was so close to crying.I have trained for this for so long,thro injuries etc .I hate my ipod

To cheer myself up,I bought another Anya Hindmarch for Target bag.What would I do without materialistic pleasures ?

On a positive note,I finally got a poll call.It sounded like it was from/for the local Democrat senator.

Hubby is at Daytona,FL for Biketoberfest so I had a free weekend.Was dogsitting a friends dog,Jake and in-laws dog Jezebel who guarded me !

And its Monday again


Monday through Sunday said...

What! You didn't attend the Biketoberfest!! :) I have only gotten polled one time in my life.

Monday through Sunday said...

I am so sorry about the marathon...

cube said...

I'm sorry you couldn't prove your time. I don't want to minimize the loss, but you know you did it and you can always keep that with you.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the 1/2 mary Frasypoo! I hate what happened with your iPod though. I've actually been considering buying one of those Nike sensors for my shoes. A friend of mine has one. Of course, she doesn't run marathons...

Rebekah said...

I love your blog layout!

Joe said...

frasypoo: I found you blog through I Love Life.

Could we get one of those ipods for BO (Barack Obama)? Maybe we could lose the evidence that he ran for President.

Joe said...

BTW: I love Georgia. I went to high school in Warner Robins when my dad was stationed at Robins Air Force Base.

Pat Jenkins said...

oh nooo poo!! I would of loved to follow your "progress" too!!!... you let your husband go alone. the only thing at these biker conventions is hot biker babes!!! at least that is all i have seen from the pictures!!

Incognito said...

so sorry about your IPOD. I thought Mac was supposed to be the be all and end all. That's very cool of Nike though to offer that.

Was going to buy an IPOD, but maybe I'll get an mp3 player instead. Hmmm.

Marvin said...

Hi Frasypoo

long time no speak or read!

I have been reading your blog(s) with interest - well I always did!

Back in the day when you had Frasier's dog blog and we had Marvin's, and more.

I see you took the deletion option, like me.

Did you find the first few months quite difficult? It was a hard habit to break for me.

Sorry I disappeared in a cloud of blue smoke, there was a lot going on at the time.

I will look in now and again to see how you are faring.

Is Frasier ok?

love from Jeannie in the UK - and not forgetting Marvin!