Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Birthday to my husband

My husband turns 41 today.
He is a great husband,a wonderful provider and a good Christian man

He keeps me humble.When I suggested that I needed to take a brief break from running,he said that I should'nt as I would blow up like a house.

He says he needs me all the time........when he gets breakfast in bed,sometimes spoon fed,foot massages!

He is my fashion critic,he gently points out the look like Barbara Bush,you have a muffin top,you are' nt going out with me wearing ballet flats like my grandma

Seriously though,I am so glad that we met and married.We were made for each other even though we are poles apart.I love this man and look forward to going grey together!

To my wonderful husband
Happy Birthday dearest.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to him Fraz.
And to you as well.
I hope you both have a great time Celebrating

Anonymous said...

Congratulation on his birthday, I'm sure he knows what a lucky man he is to be married to you.

Anonymous said...

Ditto, Congratulations to him on this very great and important day.
Maybe he will bring some good luck to John Mccain tonight.

Suz said...

I hope he enjoys his day. But, hey you can get a massage sometimes too!! And who goes grey anymore??? Just kidding.
have a good one. Suz

Frasypoo said...

Thankyou,I have some special stuff planned
I need to remind him of that!
Hope he does,will watch carefully
My husbands a hair stylist/barber so you ahve a point about the grey!Though he has gotten his first grey hair!

MyKidsMom said...

Happy Birthday Frazy's Hubby!!

A good man is hard to find, that's why I'm sticking with the one I got;) Because he's a good man that is,lol.

Sorry about the tough words. Just trying to keep the Liberals from commenting; I figure the big words will throw them;)

Pat Jenkins said...

well i will echo everyone else and say happy birthday to him poo. but i must say you two have one STRANGE relationship... he he.. i hope you get to share many more b-days together!!!

Monday through Sunday said...

Aw! Happy Birthday!

Katherine and Pippa said...

Hope you both had a great day. I must go out now, mine keeps reminding me I need to buy new underwear. Doesn't sound too different to yours!