Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What have I been upto?

Lots of celebrating this week.
I celebrated 3 years of being an American citizen on Saturday

Yesterday we had a dinner to celebrate my moms 58 birthday which is actually on February 8th and also to celebrate our wedding anniversary which is on February 7th and we celebrate 7 years of wedded bliss.

We are going on a family cruise next week and are easily embarrassed so we wanted to finish the festivities here instead of a few strangers on a ship singing to us!

To my new friends who don't know much about me.My husband and I met on Christian Cafe.com married after 6 months of talking and emailing.I was in India and he was in the US.The day we actually met was 4 days before our wedding!!!
My dad died a day after the wedding so that was a sad point in our lives
But here we are 7 years later and I still love my husband with a passion.He says that its not flaming(the passion) as it did the day we met but what does he expect?A few million loads of laundry and dirty dishes will definitely kill it!
I ' m just joking.I love my man and am so glad we met.We have our ups and we have our downs but as long as we are there for each other thro it all,nothing else matters

People enjoy us talking to each other as we are very sarcastic like George and Wheezie!!!

I bought my husband a dress watch for our anniversary and he was whining about it not being waterproof(because he is a barber).I failed to see why he would be cutting hair or washing hair in his dress clothes.His mother asked him if he was planning to scuba dive in his suit,to which he replied "No".Then he thought for a moment and said that James Bond scuba dives in his dress clothes and dress watch all the time.
I love my Daniel Craig and my husband but never the twain should meet !!!


Grandma J said...

Happy Anniversary, and Happy Birthday to your mom.

Congratulations on becoming a citizen too.

Enjoy your cruise...I'm sure it's to a warmer climate. I know it's not Alaska because they don't cruise there this time of year...thank goodness.

Pat Jenkins said...

we have got to do something about immigration in this country. because to allow you to become a citizen someone has failed somewhere!!.. i am kidding!! i promise!!...good another cruise means more pictures. i hope this year you have lost some weight so you can look better in a bathing suit this time around... oh my goodness i need to be shot for such a comment!! i will have woman burning crosses in my yard for that!!.. i am totaly joking. i don't even know if i have seen you in a bathing suit. (at least i hope i haven't!!) i just wont stop will i!... have fun poo!!

ExPreacherMan said...


Congratulations times 3 or hundreds.

A great marriage starts with both trusting Jesus Christ as Savior --

Then both have a total commitment to serving their Savior and then both have a total commitment to each other.

Apparently you and hubby have done that. So go for seventy times seven...

As an old-old Conservative Christian guy, I feel safer in America knowing we have such great fellow American patriots as you, immigrating from another country. You appreciate our Republic more than the 54% who voted for the BO man and probably more that most of the other 46%.

In Christ eternally,


dons_mind said...

welcome back! happy anniversary!! happy birthday to your mom!! and happy citizenship anniversary too!

sounds like the new years been a busy place for you all. kinda neat how you met your hubby...bet that first meeting was an exciting event! did he go to india or did you come here?

enjoy the cruise! have fun! hope the weather's good.....

MyKidsMom said...

Happy becoming-a-citizen Anniversary! Which means it is also MY anniversary of stopping by your blog; that was one of the first posts I read. I remember because of the ring your hubby (or was it in-laws?) gave you. Women always remember the jewelry;)

A family cruise sounds awesome! Have a super great time- and Happy Anniversary since you won't be around for the official day:)

Happy Birthday Frasy's Mom!!!

I think I covered everything there...lol.

Busy Bee Suz said...

You make me laugh so much....I am glad to know some of your history. Thanks for sharing.
Happy Weddomg Anniversary and Happy AMericananiversary and Mamma's Birthday too.
Mom is going on the cruise with you both?
How exciting!!!!

Kathy said...

Happy anniversary! You are so funny!

Cassie said...

This is my first time visiting your blog. You are adorable! Congrats on your 3 year citizenship anniversary and wedding anniversary.How nice to get to celebrate on a cruise.Have fun.

74WIXYgrad said...

Happy everything that you happen to be celebrating.

I'm glad to have you as a fellow citizen.

Funny thing about those whirlwind romances:I first took out my future wife on December 1, 1977. I asked her to marry me January 3. 1978. People thought we were rushing into a relationship that wouldn't last, but we had a 14 month engagement. People thought the marriage wouldn't last.

March 10 will be our 30th anniversary. No cruise planned, but we may do something special.

SusanB-knits said...

Congratulations on all the celebrations! Have a wonderful and safe trip!

Myself said...

"I celebrated 3 years of being an American citizen on Saturday"

I am very proud of you as you are of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Yes, congrats on all you have to celebrate in your life! These are wonderful events to look forward to.

And awe, I love you and your husband's story. I am so glad you found each other. Technology, in all it's craziness, has truly been a blessing to us.

Are you originally from India then, right? What part?

Incognito said...

Oh, Happy, Happy on all the wonderful occasions and enjoy the cruise, (can't wait for the pics) though poor Frasier is going to miss you.


My Files said...

Congratulation and all the best to you

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your many happy events!!

I can hear the love for your husband coming through the words that you type. We are blessed women, aren't we? I adore my own husband and not a day goes by that I am not thankful to God for bringing him into my life.

WomanHonorThyself said...

aw how nice!..congrads and stay happy Frass!

melanie said...

Happy Anniversary!! HOpe you are enjoying your cruise!!! :)

MyKidsMom said...

I have posted my meme on the Letter "K". I know you're off on your cruise (and having a fabulous time no doubt) but I just wanted you to know I did indeed do it. And it was fun! See you when you get back:)

AI said...

Enjoy and stay safe!

Kathy said...

Happy Anniversary. I didn't know that was how you met. I think that's way cool. I have heard that a good marriage is made of 2 good forgivers. May it be because Wow, we have been forgiven so much ourselves. Hope the cruise was fun!

Susannah said...

What a wonderful love story, Fras! And Happy Anniversary! (My brother's birthday is Feb. 7th - great day!) And also congratulations on your 3 year American anniversary. Man, are we glad to have you!! :)

Some of the best 'wedding advice' we ever got (almost 17 years ago) was, "Always take the time to work things out." It was said to us by an almost 95 year old widower who had been married 61 years. Such wisdom. Maybe that's what happens to a lot of people - life gets busy & couples don't 'take the time to work things out' It was such great, great advice--& 3 children later, definitely the WAY to go! I've digressed...

Happy Birthday to your mom & Happy Anniversary again! Many, many more to you!! :)