Friday, January 16, 2009


Monday is Martin Luther King Day and to most children,its just a holiday.Very few know why they are getting a holiday.
Indians love(d) Martin Luther King.Because of the similarities between the circumstances and the way he believed in non violence as Gandhi did.
When I came here and learnt a lot of the background of the King family,I was so disillusioned by it all.
That got me thinking about it...Is it wrong to judge a person by their personal life ?
He fought for freedom and had a huge part in achieving it and thats what i should remember him for.Not what he did in his personal time or why he did.
How can I judge anybody?Especially since I havent done anything worth mentioning.

Every Indian visitor that comes through my home wants to visit the King center and Ebenezer Baptist church and so we go there a lot.There is a memorial outside with water around it.It is very beautiful.well,my husband decided to wash his face in the water and my father-in-law waited till he was done and then informed him thats where some of the homeless people from the shelter come to pee!


melanie said...

OH NO!! The story of your husband is funny and not so funny!!!! :( LOL

I think that anyone that stands for freedom needs to be honored. I appreciate what Martin Luther King did. I think he was an honorable man that truly believed in freedom for all peoples. :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

great post. the kids do learn about him in school, but of course they never lived any of the hatred so it is almost always lost.
must be careful where you get water from in atl. ;0

Grandma J said...

Across the whole Country MLK is memorialized. Even in CA every major city as a street or school named after him. Same goes for here in TX.

I find your husbands face washing hysterical.

Incognito said...

I think every city and town in the U.S. has a street named MLK. He was an admirable man, in spite of faults, which we all have. Plus he was a Republican. :-)

You got me on that last paragraph, Poo! Brilliant timing.