Monday, January 19, 2009

In honor of today and tomorrow

I am going to start this post by mentioning that I am a firm Republican and always will be.I did not believe in what the then Democratic Candidate and now Pres elect Obama had to say and that was the extent of my qualms against him.But being a good American,I will support our new president.But putting aside the politics and concentrating how far we have come is the main topic for this.
Yesterday we went out shopping with in-laws and the topic in the car was how African Americans were treated before.
My f-i-l was from Pittsburg and was based in Columbus,GA at the army base where my m-i-l worked.His best friend was a young black man and they hung out a lot.My m-i-ls family was from Alabama.They lived on the GA/Ala line.They were about 16-17 years old then.She was talking about how scared she was that my f-i-l would bring his friend over for dinner at her house and how her parents would react.But it did not bother them.I personally think they were still trying to digest this Italian rebel type boy their daughter was dating !!!He was into bikes and was very James Dean-ish.
Those were the days were there were seprate drinking fountains etc etc.
Even my husband who is 41 now talks about how there were no Black students in his class.Which amazed me.There were a few Indians though.
They talked about the stuff that people went through and it was scary.Especially since this is the South where prejudices were worse.
I dont think the young people even have a clue what people went through for this freedom.
We' ve come a long way and its about time we had a woman president next!


MyKidsMom said...

I nominate you Frasy!:)

Kathy said...

I have heard many say that it shows how far our country has come, in a good sense of the word, that we have elected an African American President. How far we've come.....we no longer value the hope and life of the unborn. How far we've come....self over others at all costs. How far we've come....there's nothing new under the sun per Ecclesiastes and the God-given wisdom of Solomon. I think I have just vented. My prayer is that man or woman in office we'll return to the cause and vision of our founding fathers.

MyKidsMom said...

I worked for many years on a volunteer basis in several of the projects in Chicago. These were totally inhabited by African Americans. I grew to love the children there, but was quite frustrated with the lack of desire to better themselves particularly among the healthy male population. They greatly preferred to get a monthly check, and get what they "deserved" from the government. Sadly, they also regularly fathered children among the young women there (young as in 15 years and up). Was this true of all of them? No, just the majority I worked with. But it saddened me that they really didn't comprehend what their ancestors had worked so hard to earn: respect, on top of their rights and freedom.

Having said that, I completely agree that some horrible things have been done against African Americans in our countries past.

Frasypoo said...

I agree with you.the youth get lazy and expect handouts.Its all about who owes who what!
They have no excuse now.Obamas life was not perfect yet he got an education
So agree with you.Self comes first and then anything else.

WomanHonorThyself said...

Hey Frass..I do not support a terrorist sympathizing anti semite no matter what his title may be..sorry>>I'm still in denial girl!!:)

Baby Favorite said...

I think it's amazing, too! We have come a long way as a nation. Makes me proud!

And I agree--we are due for a female president next!

Thanks for your comments on my hair, btw. :)

Grandma J said...

Frazee, I agree with most of what you say, but please know that Obama lived a very comfortable upscale life growing up....thanks to the stability of his grandparents. He didn't use the last name Obama in his younger years either.
As an American, I will honor my president with the respect his office commands of me. However, I won't compromise my basic values, and I will always defend the rights of the least of us....the unborn child. Now if only our new president could commit to "all men are created equal".
Whew! OK, I'm stepping down off my soap box. :))

Anonymous said...

Imagine living your life only to bash someone else?

melanie said...

I wonder how far have we come? Really? I wonder..if this man were a Republican..would the atmosphere be as it is...

Memphis Steve said...

The claim that prejudice was worse in the south is false. Almost every derogatory term for any of the races came from the northeast. Racism, sexism, all forms of hatred existed as much in the rest of the country as the south. The difference was that Lincoln, immediately following the war, imposed laws on the south which he knew would be incredibly oppressive to the white southerners still alive there. He created division on purpose. That was one of his specialities. After his death, the oppressive abuse of white southerners via Washington continued for generations. This was why the southern states remained united afterwards. They had no reason to otherwise. There are laws still on the books from that era. And the mentality that the south is racist, while the rest of the country is not, also continues even as blacks move here in record numbers to get away from the racist, gang-infested north.

As for choosing a president based on sex or race, that's a poor standard to go by, in my opinion. We need the best leader we can get, without regard to race and sex.

Pat Jenkins said...

we have come a long way poo!! thankfully... are you going to let us in on all the poo clan conversations from now on cause this one was quite interesting.... if you need another topic i will give you one.. he he!!

h said...

Hellooooo! You KNOW I sat and watched the whole speech. My dad was getting ready to watch it in India.

The YMCA episode has been spicing up my otherwise uneventful Y sessions. I complained about her and now I want to tell her that I did! You know me. I like getting into trouble.

Incognito said...

I agree... I will support him until he starts leading us down the path to ruin.

and what most people don't realize is that the civil right's movement and all the gains made were primarily due to Republicans. Am working on a post about MLK and have been learning lots about Black Repubs.!

Katherine and Pippa said...

Wishing everyone in America - regardless of political perspective - lots of happiness under a new leader and with a new start.


Leon Basin said...

Hey how are you doing. Hope all is all.

Anonymous said...

Great blog , It's such a relief to read comments from people who are feeling the same way. I'm so happy for George and Laura - boundless class in each respect. To have put up with some of the things they've endured for the past 8 years.
God Bless Them

Anonymous said...

You said..."Obama had to say and that was the extent of my qualms against him.But being a good American,I will support our new president"

I'm sorry frasypoo, but I don't see it that way. As a good American. I have to speak out and say what I feel.
See my blog of today and you'll know exactly how I feel about this man.

Susannah said...

Hi Fras~
Memphis Steve makes some very good points. I've never lived anywhere but the South, but I'd beg to differ w/ the assumption that racism is more prevalent in the South than other places. I wonder if it's bec. "we" lost the war betwn. the states (or as my Grandaddy always said, the "war of Northern Aggression") that makes everyone feel entitled to brand the South. Few people recognize that Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation freed slaves in the South, but nowhere else. A bit ironic (& hypocritical), I think.

A VERY interesting perspective on racism, Lincoln, the South & Obama comes from Walter Williams

Pray for Mr. O, yes; he'll need it (& so do we), but 'support' him...I can't go that far, b/c I don't support what he stands for, no matter what his racial background is. Politics & issues aside, it is a great & remarkable thing that we've elected our first Black President. (If only it weren't Barak Hussein Obama...)

Anonymous said...

I think these issues are seriously misunderstood and ignored. I would like to think that we are getting better and I think in many cases, we are. But we still have a long way to go in recognizing issues like racism as well as international affairs.

It is important that our children learn about and recognize what is going on in our world today and honestly, I think we've done a terrible job of opening up their minds to these issues.
But here's to hope and progress!

clean and crazy said...

stopped by via cliff to say hi. He said you were into faith and politics and I am as well. I see we don't see eye to eye on a couple of things, and i must say I am pleasantly surprised that I really enjoy your point of view. Thanks for being so honest and sincere.