Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Dog-Frasier

I have a Jack Russell called Frasier.
He is very hyper yet sleeps long into the morning piling all the comforters in the bed on top in winter.
He can smell food a mile away or a rustling of a food wrapper 10 miles away.He is a foodie-always eager to try new foods !Is not very picky,the only things he does not like is Buffalo wing sauce and Jello
He loves running with me.If I ever have a lazy moment he drives me crazy when he keeps jumping all over the place.We can run 10 -12 miles and yet when we come home,he follows me around the house like I may decide to run some more and forget to take him.
He loves watching Animal Planet and absolutely does not like me being sweet to any other dog in front of him.
He is my constant companion.
This is a picture of him sneaking a nap on hubbys new bean bag !He always scouts out the best spots.
(My tightwad hubby found a small spot on the bean bag and asked the manager to mark it down for him,and he bought it for 20 bucks !)

This is another picture of him on Christmas day eating a Bar-B-chew corn cob that Santa got him.He absolutely loves them !
He wants a certain blogger friend who has a dog called Abby to get her one too.
He is very sure Abby will love it too!


In_spired said...

Sounded as if you were writing about our Butch, the Beagle!! He leads the same 'dog's life' as Frasier. Isn't it a shame they have to live such a pitiful life? I'm so glad you're a dog lover!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love his, I mean hubbys bean bag chair. So cute and comfy.
Frasier is a DOLL. I always heard that Jack Russell's had endless energy. BBQ corn sounds good to me too...hey, Frasier and I like the same things, well except for the running part! ;)

melanie said...

Frasier is awesome!!

Grandma J said...

I love Frasier! Dogs are the best aren't they?

I will be doing a special post on bloggers' dogs in the near future. Frasier will fit right in.

MyKidsMom said...

He looks like a king in his palace in the first pic,lol.

Dogs really are awesome companions. Thanks for letting us learn more about Frasier (whose name always makes me think of Kelsey Grammar:).

Pat Jenkins said...

poo your house looked beautiful with all your decorations!!!... ahh man's best friend. but let me tell you something. i get my dog one of those squeaky toys and she attacks the darn thing. ripping the squaker out in no time flat!! so i say the dog can't take care of her possesions any better than that she ain't gettin' no more.. he he!!.... but it does sound like you would choose frasier lee over your better half... he he!!

74WIXYgrad said...

Hi Frasypoo. You know I'm one of your favorites and I'm sorry that I've neglected you.

My daughter moved back in and brought her dog, Rufus, with her. This dog is spoiled, but our cats, Goober and Peanut, keep him in line.

74WIXYgrad said...

What I meant is you are one of my favorites. And you were most deserving of the Top Banana I gave you.

Susannah said...

Hey Frasy!
LOVE this post about Frasier! You've inspired me - I think I'll post a little video of Otis. :)
JRT's are the best dogs. Our first one, Tucker, was very high energy, high strung & excitable. Otis is so laid back, you might mistake him for a cat - until prey runs in front of him...Have you ever put Frasier in JRT races? We've done it a few times, & Otis LOVED it. SO much fun!!

Oh, & I had Pilates this morning - used w/ wrist & ankle weights. What you said re: muscle tone inspired me, & thought I'd give it a go. Man, oh, man I'm gonna be sore. But I liked it!

Take care & have a good weekend!

The Running Girl said...

Cute jake russell. That's what my son wants. We're still looking and will see if we can find one (we want to rescue a dog).

You asked on my blog if I live in Georgia. I actual live in Texas.

SusanB-knits said...

Great pictures of Frasier! He is so cute. Isn't nice to have a constant companion that loves you unconditionally and follows you around continually? I have been thinking about getting a puppy (a Yorkie). I know the first year they need a lot of attention and training so I am still looking.

Jen said...

Dogs rule!
Frasier is adorable. ;)

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

I want his place by the fire. That looks might comfy.

Anonymous said...

He looks like a cutie!

I love dogs and cats

Amel's Realm said...

He's SO CUTE!!! :-D And that bean bag is quite a bargain!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I love the site. Keep up the good blogging. Your dog is so precious!

Incognito said...

We love that Frasier boy. Tell him what a smart boy he is for finding the coziest place in the house!!

Kathy said...

Way to go Frasier! A bloggie doggie1 :) Wow, that's an amazing deal on the chair. Have a super week ya'll!