Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Birthday to me

So I turn 34 today...There I said IT...
34 does not seem as bad as turning 30.
I seem to have come to grips with it this year.I was freaking out last year,some of you may remember that!

My husband assured me that I look good for 34,good skin,no jiggly bits,no greys but said that I have started dressing for comfort rather than to look "sexy".Wonder what he wants me to wear ?
I did not dare ask !
Somehow I do not think I will accomplish much by wearing "sexy stuff".Will scandalise the neighbours and may bring in some tourism here but not much else !

My 33rd year brought about a sea of changes and I am hoping 34 will just slide by without much happening.
I did manage to complete a goal I had set -to run a half marathon by the time I turn 35.
All in all I am glad I have my health,am still a good person,am pretty grounded,still have a conscience etc etc

So heres to 40 more !Hoping the Rapture happens before that.
Indian women dont age too well,we shrivel up and look ugly so I dont want to llive longer than 74-75!


MyKidsMom said...


34 sounds pretty good to a 37-year-old, LoL.

"bring in some tourism" Hahaha;)

Seriously, I hope the rapture comes before the new regime is able to mess things up. I would LOVE to have grandkids one day, but the way some things are going, makes me wonder about the world they would live in...

OOPS! Did NOT mean to get depressing on your big day..Have a great one Frasy!:)

74WIXYgrad said...

Well seeing that I'm 19 years ahead of you, I can say that as long as you take care of yourself, you should age gracefully.

And I appreciate the prayers for my family. and once again Happy Birthday!!!

Z said...


Unlike 74WIXYgrad, I will NOT say how many years ahead of you I AM!! I would if we were in person, of course!!

BUT...suffice it to say, it gets BETTER! (except you WILL jiggle. Or I'll have to come take your life!! SMILE!)

Thanks for coming BOokmarks got messed up and I couldn't remember THIS AND THAT and I couldn't stop by! Frustrating is that my computer doesn't like FRASYPOO (So I won't forget) it keeps saving as THIS AND THAT!

I'm blogrolling you the way I WANT TO, come to think of it!!

AGain...have a MARVELOUS day...thanks for adding so much to our corner of the blogosphere.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh, the end of this made me laugh out loud. You are so funny...I wish you a year full of surprises, fun and love!!!

melanie said...

Happy Birthday!! :)

Michelle Dawn said...

Happy Birthday Frasy!!!!!

AI said...

Happy Birthday ! :)

Incognito said...

Hapyy Birthday to Poo, Happy Birthday to Poo, Happy Birthday dear mama of frasy.. Happy Birthday to Poo!


Pat Jenkins said...

happy happy birthday poo. and i imagine your birthday suit would be sexy enough, no?.... who's to say though you would get "caught up" in the rapture!!!... he he!!

Kathy said...

Happy Birthday from Bumbling Genius' wife and BG of course, who is working, and would be thrilled I know to learn that your big day is the day before his!!! We hope it was a great one for you! Blessings!

ExPreacherMan said...


Happy ANNIVERSARY of your birthday. Think about it.

You will always be beautiful in the Lord's eyes, even if you live to be my age -- pushin' 80.

Thanks for your prayers for my last eye. Keep praying -- some gains have reversed.

Oh, for the Rapture!!

In Christ happily and eternally,


Obi's Sister said...

Happy Belated Birthday! December 8 is my engagement day, so it is a very special day for me.

Hope you had a good one!