Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Death and the void it leaves

December has not been a month I will ever want to cherish.
It has too many deaths in it that make it a sad month
Most of you know thro WIXYS blog about Suzannes passing.A wonderful photographer,we became blogging friends thro a very sassy self potrait she had posted.I posted it on my fashion blog and people loved it.She would send cheery emails from time to time.She will be missed

Most of you remember my druggie neighbour,well he lost his son in Afghanistan.The boy was 19 and the circumstances of his death are strange,they said his gun went off when he was cleaning it.

My front door neighbours wife died of cancer.She was a sweet,very southern lady.

I dont like ending 2008 on a sad note but I understand that there was a part these special people played in peoples life


try2bAsunbeam said...

Everything happens for a reason. Death is the beginning of eternity.

Pat Jenkins said...

i too am sorry 08 has ended like this for you poo! you are a brave girl though and your strength will be a example for all!!... happy new year!

melanie said...

I am sorry for the sadness and loss.

Kathy said...

Frasypoo, I don't ever want to pass through a Christmas season without remembering to pray for so many who are experiencing a first Christmas without someone. The first "without" is tough, and there's no easy way through it. Our thoughts and prayers are with you...."Oh tidings of comfort, and joy, comfort....and joy." Yet, to come I know, but hold on. Joy will happen! For now, seize comfort.

Busy Bee Suz said...

So much death...it really does make you not feel so festive and happy. We must live for today...and worry about tomorrow when it gets here. Bad things happen to good people. I hate it too...but what can we do? We must go on and try to make the best of what we have today.
take care,

MyKidsMom said...

Just about a week before Christmas (this year), a bomb exploded in a bank in a nearby town, and two police officers were killed (trying to detonate it). The police chief survived, but his legs had to be amputated. My heart hurt so much for their families. Not only did they lose a loved one so close to the holidays, but it was a deliberate act of evil that caused it.

It's true that if you look around there is always someone hurting from a loss, tragic or otherwise. Sometimes it makes me almost feel guilty for going on with my happy routine; but then I think it would sadden those who have gone on for us all to lose our joy in life. But we definitely should keep them in our prayers and our thoughts. I'm thinking that Christmas will be a difficult time for all of these families affected for many years to come.

Anonymous said...

Frasypoo, I miss Suzanne as well. That really is sad that you've had to endure so many losses. Hopefully, 2009 will be a much more cheerful year!

Take care,

Incognito said...

Too much death... hoping 2009 is different!