Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I think I finally have a hold on Christmas this year!
Have most of my gifts wrapped and ready to go.Working on Christmas cards.Have my tree up

The only reason I am able to do so is because my mom is here and I dont have much to do in terms of housework!


In_spired said...

Well, lucky you!...having your mom there to help out. I need one of Santa's jolly elfs to come stay with me for a while to help me get started.

Susannah said...

Fras!! You wrote this in mid-Nov. & your tree was already up!!! I'm amazed. How's Frasier? How've you been? I like the change in your look here...

Hope you & yours had a lovely
Christmas, & that 2011 will be a wonderful year!

take care, & come see me sometime @ GTBI

Susannah said...

Oh, btw, we talked about pilates once...I went from Pilates to Bodyflow (pilates/tai chi/yoga mix) to yoga. A lot has happened...see, I've done some training, & am now a Yoga instructor @ my YMCA! I LOVE iT!

As you know, I'm a Jesus-girl, so I'm not into the whole hindu/buddhist thing...But I just love the contemplative, quiet, softening effect it has on my spirit. Honestly, it clears my mind, & I hear from the Holy Spirit during my classes! wow.