Monday, February 16, 2009

New Orleans

We went to New Orleans to get on the cruise ship and I had to say how different it is from how the media projects it.
I somehow imagined gangs hanging around street corners waiting to mug people!
We went around the town to see the aftermath of Katrina.Our driver was a man in his 50' s retired from the AirForce and someone who called it as he saw it.
He did not blame FEMA and George Bush and we learnt some inside stories on the crooked mayor!
He told us some horror stories about the cops there and how they reacted at that time and thankfully he mentioned it on the way to the airport as it made my husband really mad.
My opinion is that its a nice town,a little expensive but filled with friendly people.
We had a whole day to spend there and my father-in-law gets a case of the wanderlust when he does not have anything to do so my mother-in-law arranged some swamp tours to keep us all busy.
It was pretty neat.Saw a lot of alligators hanging around the swamp like roaches and turtles everywhere.
Here are some pictures


Busy Bee Suz said...

How interesting to get an insiders take on the Katrina fiasco. I am sure there are many sides to this story, but we are all fed only ONE. :)
Love the pictures...we also have alligators everywhere...and luckily NOT roaches. ;0

h said...

That is pretty scary, to be so close to alligators. BTW I like the word "wanderlust". Something similar to what happens when I go window shopping.

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all?! Our mommy (Cassie) has been wondering for a while now, is the picture on your blog you?? If so, you are fabulously exotic looking!! Mom likes popping in on your blog to see what's up.

Pat Jenkins said...

amazing how the people "see" things differently than our mainstream media... (note to them maybe that is why they are loosing their market share!)... i must say though i feel for the people of new orleans! cause i bet if they saw you walking out of the "wetlands" they would of thought you was the second comin of the SWAMP THING!! you probably gave the folks a heart attack!!.... i imagine this on top of my bikini comment means i am banned for life from any future comments!!

Karen said...

Poo, I was going to say exactly what my better half just said (except the mean things). It's amazing how you only hear what the media wants you to hear. I'm glad you get to travel so much. You can be my eyes and ears since I'll be stuck here in Ohio for ever.

Grandma J said...

Thank you for such an informative account. I could never understand how President Bush was responsible for a hurricane. I remember in the '80's flying over New Orleans and thinking the whole place looked like one big swamp from high up. That explains all the gators!

Jen said...

My husband has been there a couple of times for business and has never brought home any stories that gave me the desire to go there.

Z said...

A dope at my site blamed the Australian fires recently on the fact that they're BUSH fires...I jokingly said "Those are BRUSH fires, you can't pin THESE on Bush!" (smile)

Ya, he took a lot of heat...and nobody still understands the Fed laws and why he did what he did. It wasn't done WELL but the Louisiana leaders should have taken the heat..not our gov't.

Glad you saw a different story and had a good time, Frasypoo!! xxx

Leesa said...

I have a co-worker who has relatives in New Orleans, and she said that two members of her family have never been outside of Louisians in their lives. They fled to Baton Rouge after Katrina hit, but they are back now. An interesting place, to be sure.

MyKidsMom said...

Interesting info Frasy. My boys would love to hang out in a real-life swamp, especially one with alligators. Me, not so much,lol.

dons_mind said...

wow! you sure do get around! your calendar must be crowded!!! lol

good times = good memories!

Baby Favorite said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE New Orleans! One of my close friends lives there, and we visited her 6 mos after Katrina hit. I really appreciated seeing the devastation - and the "rebirth" of the city - firsthand.

It is an amazing and wonderful city. I could live there! I never expected to fall so in love with it, but I did.

Fortunately, I get to go there in April for a work conference! I can't wait! POT ROAST PO BOYS, here I come! LOL

Anonymous said...

That last one's a great shot and the second one is too!

Yes, thanks for giving us a different perspective on New Orleans.

Debbies Choice said...

I've been there many times ...In fact it's one of my favorite places to vacation.
I love the food there.