Saturday, February 21, 2009

A dogs lunch

According to my mother,this is the face of evil.
She had bought some shellfish from a Farmers market.The Farmers Market is about 45 minutes away and so we hardly go there and when we do,we buy stuff that we normally dont buy.The shellfish was expensive so she just got three.Its the kind that is filled with meat.
She boiled it as soon as we got home and decided to add it to a gravy(Indian style)on Tuesday.
We are banned from cooking anything "fishy" inside the house so she cooks fishy stuff on the grill' s burner.
To show you the makeshift kitchen,I include this picture.
The key point I want to make is the dog sleeping on the chair which to an innocent eye would think,he is enjoying the company and the sun.But the experienced eye would note that the dog is paying close attention to whats being cooked.

Well,she came in to get some salt and was telling me how much meat was on the shell.We walked out together so she could show me and voila!it had vanished.there was just shell without any meat.
The dog had climbed on a chair to get to the table(the chair was really close to the table)and had eaten every last bit of it!
I was laughing so hard,I could have died.Mom was so pissed at the dog,she would not even look at at him!


M said...

Oh my! You are lucky she didn't fry the dog!- He is cute though...that little thief!

Grandma J said...

I am laughing at your cleaver dog too. One year my sister had Thanksgiving at her house, and put the turkey in the center of her beautifully set table while she made the gravy. She called out to me to take a picture of the table (she was so proud of the fancy settings) and when I walked into her formal dining room, the dog was sitting on the table chowing down on the bird. My sister cried all day...and yes I laughed.

Z said...

"According to my mother, this is the face of evil" is one of THE funniest lines I've ever read on any blog..particularly because of that sweet, innocent little FACE!! SO SO FUNNY!
What a story! I'd have been SO TICKED OFF, too, You told it SO WELL I'm still giggling!

Grandma J....HOW AWFUL, and on THANKSGIVING!!!

VERY glad the Excedrin worked, honey! It's magic, I swear!! xxx

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh my lordy. They are cute, but can be little devils too. He knew what he was doing and was waitins for just the right moment!!!!
Mom will learn her lesson won't she?
Our two dogs got 3 sandwiches and 2 cereal bars (in wrappers) this morning while coach was brushing his teeth!!!
Counter surfers.

Karen said...

Now that is something my sweet little innocent Abigail would do (one of the reasons Pat has a problem with her). We had had a cookie exchange at work and I had 7 dozen cookies on the table, all in their nicely wrapped containers. Well much to our surprise, Abbie decided to try them as well. We had about 5-1/2 dozen left when she was done. By the way, she really liked the ones with chocolate.

melanie said... dog!

Kathy said...

That is hilharious! I guess the dog just has "great taste!" Pun intended!

74WIXYgrad said...

Well...At least the dog enjoyed the trip to the farmer's market.

Pat Jenkins said...

i would have hung the dog by its tail if this had happened to me!!!! ... he he!!...

Always On Watch said...

First, let me thank you for stopping by my web site and commenting. I appreciate it.

As for this dog, well, I can't blame him for giving in to temptation. Dogs are meat eaters and will revert to instinct when enticing smells fill the air.

Cute dog, BTW. Check out those eyes!

WomanHonorThyself said...

aw cute doggie!!

Incognito said...

Oh that Frasier!! Too funny.. he's lucky he's loved so much by ma and pa,, cos he could have wound up on the grill instead (via Grandma).. :-)

I think I know which market.. and it's fab!

MyKidsMom said...

Hahaha; guess you can't fight nature!
My dogs would have done the same thing. And I probably would have laughed my head off as well:)

Susannah said...

Now that's a Jack for ya! Love that story & Z's right - well told! Sorry about your Mama, though. I'm sure she was frustrated!! Our 1st Jack ate all the toppings off our pizza once, then we found her in (literally IN) a bag of chips on the table. So far, Otis has minded his's only a matter of time...(I'll bet Frazier is still licking his lips!!) LOVE the pics!