Saturday, May 23, 2009

Of Vidalia Onions and the like

Mom is leaving next week so I am trying hard to take her to do stuff that we were not able to do so far.
I will be in a deep depression so please pray for me.I am not sure if I remember how to clean etc!

We went to Vidalia last month and had a great time.We got to bring back tons(about 100 lbs each) of Vidalia onions(per person)
We went to an onion sorting/labelling place and was shown how all that was done and the farmer was kind enough to let us burrow thro his reject pile of onions.The grocery store had rejected his truck load of onions because the Texas onions were in the stores and the Vidalia onions were not yet needed.Not a thing wrong with the onions but he could not do anything with them and was going to throw it in the fields and plough it in.
Also visited the Onion festival there,was neat.My favorite part was the Tumi store that is open to the public at this time of year and I got a $495.00 bag for $40 bucks!

One of the tub of onions that we went thro
The labelling machine
An onion field that has been picked...yes,Picked !
The sizer/sorterOne of the smaller onions

My garden is coming along great.My beanplants have flowers and so do the tomatoes.It may have needed more sunshine and is slow on fruitition part!
I put in cabbages too(from Vidalia,30 plants for 3 bucks).Also Cilantro,basil and oregano
The worst part is the bugs around them.Have to keep dusting it and then worry about all that pesticide!
Of course Frasier has done his utmost to stand in the middle of the vegetables and ponder.
In the front yard,the deer ate all the new growth on the apple trees and all my hosta and lilys.
Any takers for some venison?

Will be back after I get over my depression..............


Leslie said...

Oh I hope you aren't in depression for long. :(

I am a runner as well. I also have my first garden ever this year. Christian and conservative, so we seem to have a lot in common. :)

I hope your garden grows beautifully and is very fruitful!

Bryan said...

Hi Frasypoo,

May your burden take the wings of a dove and find its way quickly to the throne of grace. "Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need" (Hebrews 4:16.)

Thanks for your visit.

Grandma J said...

Sounds like you had a great time with your mom. It's hard to say good bye isn't it?

We have loads of deer here too.

Pat Jenkins said...

this has become an annual trip for you in the "onion patch" hasn't it poo? they look good... p.s here is a tip for you and your cleaning. just put a little elbow grease in it, you'll be fine!!... he he...

Busy Bee Suz said...

You are lucky to have your Mom visit for so long...I know you will miss her.
The vidalia onions are my fave...they are so good.
Jealous about your TUMI bag!!
I am thinking of putting in a veggis garden too...Bugs??? That part will drive me batty.

dons_mind said...

good to see ya post again frasy!!! knowing you had a terrific time while mom's been here! the vidalia place sounds really neat! we love vidalia onions, vidalia jelly, pickled vidalias - - bout anyway you make 'em we like 'em!!

hope your depression don't hang around long! it's summertime!

Z said...

I"m trying to imagine how delicious any crop would be after having been grown from a field where ONIONS had been ploughed through the soil!! HA!!

Frasypoo....I'll be praying for you and your mother's departure. You remind me to cherish my mother. It's beautiful to read your sentiment.

Thanks for not blogging on just make me feel so guilty for NOT MOVING!! (smile)


Dan said...

You know that these pictures makes me incredibly homesick!

Consumer Reports did a test on things that scare deer away. The only thing that worked was a motion sensing impact water sprinkler that came on, made noise, and sprayed the deer. But it only worked as far as the water sprayed. Interesting.

Karen said...

Why hello stranger. I love vidalia onions when they're made into onion rings. YUMMY! We use human hair around our garden to keep critters away from our veggies. Have your hubby bring some home and put around your hostas and whatnot! It's worth a try. Sorry to hear about your Mom leaving. I hope you're depression doesn't last too long. You have all of us to lean on. ;)

Kathy said...


We're ALL so glad you're back posting again!!! How long was your Mom here for? The onions look delicious. We used about 5 onions in our meals today-memorial day, so we're due for a trip to the patch. It's amazing what a "picked" field looks like. Wow! The trip to the onion place would've been a great homeschooling field trip. Well, scrub a dub and have fun ....I know you're going to really miss your Mom.

MyKidsMom said...

So sorry your mom is leaving- hang in there!

As for the onions... I'm seeing tons of onion rings in my mind right now- Yum!Yum! :) I love them on salads as well, but my hubby hates onion breath. The things I do (or should I say do without?) to keep him happy. LOL.

Mary Lee said...

I planted a garden this year too! The first one I have ever done. It is small 10 x 10. I have decided I need to add more, will probably expand to 10 x 15. Enjoyed reading your blog and hope you have emerged from your depression. Have a great day!

M said...

Onions! I love onions...when we were poor college students we would saute them and eat them on bread for dinner :) - The deer...they ate all my roses, all my tulips nad now they come into my fenced backyard and eat the beautiful flowers my husband planted for my birthday party! The neighbor's fence fell down and they have a free walk into our yard!

Pat Jenkins said...

happy father's day to all the dads you know poo!!

Kathy said...

Frasy, wherefore art thou?? We miss you!

Susannah said...

How's that garden, sweet girl?

I know I'm a little late here (it's July 18th), but I do hope you've been able to enjoy your summer some. I hope you Mom made it back home okay & that you're keeping your chin up now that her visit is done.

I've missed seeing you around, Fras. Are you still running? Are you Facebook-ing? or just laying low for a while?

Hang in there. Come on back, though, 'cause you're missed!!

Susannah said...

Fras~ Have we lost you to Facebook?? Say it ain't so!!


We need you, sweet girl!

King of New York Hacks said...

Those are great pics. Thats some ONION !!

Susannah said...

I've been missing you! Hope you're doing well, now that the weather's changing...

How's your mom doing? How's Frazier? Hope you're taking care of yourself.