Thursday, November 27, 2008

Cross posting from my post on Red County-Terrorism in Mumbai

As we celebrate Thanksgiving today,India mourns the loss of many,many human lives.
There has been an escalation in violent terroristic acts there,though none as bad as what's going on there today.
I sometimes wonder...... why India?
Is it because India is an ally of the US? Or because India is enemies with Pakistan?
Pakistan has said(warned) that India should not lay the blame on them. When I heard that on NPR,I huffed and puffed a lot(mainly because there is not much else I can do about it). I find it hard to believe that there is no connection there.
I have had calls from friends all day,wondering how my family is doing and even though they dont live close to Mumbai,it is still a tragedy. A senseless waste of human lives.
It was reported that they have arrested some of them and my husband was asking me if they would be subject to trial like the court system here.We dont have a jury system in India but yes they will be tried in court and heres where I have a problem with will take a very long time to mete out justice.I believe in a speedy trial and off they go to meet their maker.
My husband also asked me why the Taj and Oberoi hotels were targeted.These hotels are usually frequented by the rich tourists and heads of companies .The cheapest rooms at the Oberoi cost on average $430.00 to $3000.00 for a suite.Those people knew exactly who they were targetting.
Someone asked me why the airports were not targeted. I traveled home this year and I have to say that the Indian security check at the airport was the strictest and most thorough of all the airports I have travelled through. There were about 6 checks before you get on the flight. 2 of them were by police men(women) actually patting you down.Its hard to get on a flight in India with anything that is even remotely suspect.
It was a sad heartwrenching moment to watch the hotel burning and I just wish this violence would all end


Pat Jenkins said...

let us as americans stand with indians in their mourning. and encourage her in the fight against forces bent on destroying freedom!!.. happy thanksgivin' poo!!

ExPreacherMan said...


Thought about you and your family when we saw the Mumbai news. Tragic!!

I also thought about my dear friend whose seminary is in Kerala -- and another good friend who ministers to former Muslim, now Christian Indians in NW India.

I'm praying for them, you and yours..

In Christ eternally,


Busy Bee Suz said...

This is such a tragic event. I am sorry for all the human loss. The innocent suffering.
It breaks my heart.
I hope that all of your family are safe and that the guilty suffer for this.
take care,

Anonymous said...

This IS truly horrific Frasypoo.

Such sad, sad news.


WomanHonorThyself said...

sorry but the RoP wont stop Frass..but Happy Thanksgiving and keep fightin the good fight my friend !! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Fraz.. Happy Thanksgiving to YOU and yours, I hope your hope your Holiday went well and you did have too much to eat.
Yes indeed we do have a lot to be thankful for inspite of everything else.
Hang in there we will be fine.

Now as for Terrorism in Mumbai, there is NO other way to deal with Islamfascist terrorists, but to KILL them like the slime they are..

I know that the casualties have been heavy among Indian civilians, foreign tourists and Indian law enforcement officers. But there is really no other way to deal with these pigs.
I just heard this morning that they have just taken over a Jewish center and there are many other casualties today.
My prayers are with the Indian people, we are all Indians today.

Anonymous said...

With the disaster going on in India today and yesterday I was thinking of you.
I hope that your family is safe and sound and that they get and kill these killers FAST

Anonymous said...

What Bob said goes for me as well.

dons_mind said...

frasy - thought of you immediately when i heard this on the news. nasty stuff. we can only pray that all ends well in things like this....

hope you guys had a good thanksgiving in spite of all the news about mumbai...

ps - (with apologies) you've been tagged. see my blog for details.

Anonymous said...

I hope that your family is safe.
This horrendous thing must be revenged.

AI said...

Pat is right to suggest standing by India in both mourning and resistance to the scourge that is Islamic Terrorism. But this recent attack brings us all including India, into the fold. It calls for, and characterizes a classic merger of internal Indian conflicts with the global war on terror and a formal notice of contest to the American president-elect, Barack Obama ...

Monday through Sunday said...

My heart aches for all that has happened there...truly!